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Get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved, depending on the time you have, your skillset, and what you’re interested in. The diagram below shows just some of the ways people have helped so far!

Here is a more detailed look at the different skills and roles needed for the platform. Click to expand the image for a closer look!

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Just curious?

Take a look around the site!

A good place to start is by reading the issues. This is the project’s to-do list. It will give you a sense of the kinds of things we’re working on, and where you can help. To help with an issue, leave a comment in the thread beneath the issue making a suggestion or expalaining what you would like to work on. if you are new to this way of working, look for issues labelled good first issue.

There is also lots of information about the project available. The video below gives a more detailed overview of the project from principle investigator Kirstie Whitaker:

Participatory citizen science to improve autistic people’s lives

Please make sure you follow our code of conduct when you take part.

For more detailed guidance on how to join the community, please read our contributing guidelines.

Community recommendations

You can see suggestions from other members of the community in the community recommendations folder.