Project management and resource repository for the Autistica/Turing Citizen Science project

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Project Management


The study protocol is a description of the steps that core research team members should take to manage the project.

The participant information sheet (PDF format) describes the project for anyone who would like to take part.

The project values document outlines the guiding principles for the project. The planned outputs document details the projected deliverables. These are combined into one document in PDF format.


The consent form is used for in person focus group and 1:1 user testing sessions.

Participants can join the community by joining Autistica’s Discover Network or the Autism Insight Group by submitting the recruitment form.

Online participation can also be completed via the online google form (, a PDF copy of which is available here.

Building a safe community

The guidance to build a safe community (PDF format) includes reporting and intervention processes for safeguarding of community members and enforcement of the project’s code of conduct (PDF format).

Data management

The data management information sheet (PDF format) outlines how data will be collected, managed, held and disseminated.

Files submitted in support of ethics application

This folder contains the PDF files that were submitted as part of the research ethics application for the University of Cambridge. The file numbers refer to the order in which these appendices appeared in the application. They are not ordered by importance.