Installation Instructions


This document contains instructions for installation of the packages we'll be using during the course. You will be following the training on your own machines, so please complete these instructions.

If you encounter any problem during insallation and you manage to solve them (feel free to ask us for help), please remember to add an issue to the course repo, explaining the problem and solution. In this way we can improve the instructions for future users.

What we're installing

For the software carpentry session on programming, we'll be using the language Python and in particular versions >= 3.5. We will use the Enthought Canopy python distribution which contains a good collection of the most common Python modules as well as IPython (an improved Python interpreter) and the IPython notebook (a useful web-based user interface that allows you to create documents that combine text and Python code, executable with the same browser window). We'll need pip, the package installer for Python, as well.

For the session on version control, we'll be using Git and the Github website.