Source code for skpro.utils

[docs]def not_existing(f): """ Decorates an interface method to declare it theoretically non existent Parameters ---------- f Method to decorate Returns ------- Decorated method """ f.not_existing = True return f
[docs]def ensure_existence(f): """ Ensures that method is not marked as non_existent Parameters ---------- f Method Raises ------ NotImplementedError if the method is marked as non existent Returns ------- Method f """ if getattr(f, 'not_existing', False): raise NotImplementedError('The distribution has no ' + f.__name__ + ' function. ' 'You may use an adapter that supports its approximation.') return f
[docs]def to_percent(value, return_float=True): """ Converts values into a percent representation Args: value: int/float Number representing a percentage return_float: bool If true, float representing the percentage is returned Returns: int/float A percentage """ def percent(p): if return_float: return float(p) else: return int(round(p * 100)) if isinstance(value, int): value = float(value) / 100. if value <= 0: return percent(0) else: return percent(value)