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Getting Started

Install netts

Latest Stable Release

To install the latest official release from PyPI:

pip install netts

Development Version

If you would like the latest development version of netts install it from GitHub. This code may change at anytime.

pip install git+


Be aware that the development code is under active development and may change at any time.

Install Additional Dependencies

Netts requires the Java Runtime Environment. Instructions for downloading and installing for your operating system can be found here.

Netts requires additional dependencies including CoreNLP and OpenIE. You can install them either directly from the netts CLI or in Python.

netts install
import netts


Dependencies are large (>5GB) and may take some time to download.

Install to an Alternative Directory

By default, the dependencies will be installed to a netts directory in your home directory. If you would like to install in a different location, set an environment variable called NETTS_DIR either on the commandline:


or by creating a .env file in your working directory with these contents:


netts will create NETTS_DIR for you if it doesn't already exist.

To verify which directory netts will use run:

netts home
import netts
settings = netts.get_settings()