Welcome to Climate Informatics 2024!

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Climate Informatics is an open community interested in research combining climate science with approaches from statistics, machine learning and data mining.

In the annual conference series we hope to stimulate discussion of new ideas, foster new collaborations, grow the community, and accelerate discovery across disciplinary boundaries.

CI2024 will take place 22-24 April 2024, in BMA House, London, UK and online.

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Delivery of CI2024 is supported by the Alan Turing Institute Environment and Sustainability Grand Challenge.

What happens at CI2024?

CI2024 is an intimate conference in a familiar format: keynotes, panel discussions, lightning talks, posters, a dinner, a chance to reconnect with old friends, and make new ones. All centered around themes relevant to climate data science. We aim to address new and emerging topics, fields and concerns, along with big picture issues in climate data science. CI2024 is also a space to meet, connect, work, and collaborate!

Our annual meeting is hybrid - we recognise the importance of remote participation to support inclusive access and limit our carbon emissions. We will be working hard to ensure that both in-person and remote participants will have a rewarding and valuable experience.

Who should come to CI2024?

CI2024 is a space for everyone engaged in climate informatics research. We come with diverse skill sets, experiences and viewpoints, and we can all learn something new! We expect visitors to CI2024 to comply with the Code of Conduct. These behaviours are aligned with the values of collaboration and inclusivity. At CI2024 we aim to model an academic community we wish to be a part of, where we interact with each other with curiosity, kindness and respect.


All particpants (remote and in-person) will be invited to join discussions on slack before, during and after the meeting.

Both remote and in-person participants will submit questions via Slido (a Q&A link will be shared at the start of each session).

Remote participants will be able to follow and interact with presentations virtually on HyHyve. You will navigate through the online conference space using an avatar, and interact with others by text, audio and video when you are near other avatars. Learn more about online participation here

CI2024 Sponsors

Climate Informatics 2024 is sponsored by the Alan Turing Institute Environment and Sustainability Grand Challenge. We are pleased to partner again with the Environmental Data Science journal, published by the Cambridge University Press.

CI2024 sponsors

How to get in touch!

We would be very pleased to hear from you to discuss any aspect of CI2024! Our communication channels are listed here.

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