1.9 Classroom Exercises#

List of exercises and estimated completion times

1a - Python Libraries 5 minutes

1b - Using Functions 10 minutes

1c - Operators 10 minutes

1d - Maze Model 25 minutes

1e - The Maze Population 10 minutes

Exercise 1a Python Libraries#

Relevant Sections: 1.0.2

The directory that contains this workbook also contains a Python file titled draw_infinity.py. Import it to a notebook and make the figure in the same way as eight was drawn in section 1.0.2

Exercise 1b Using Functions#

Relevant Sections: 1.2.1 to 1.2.5

Try to find the operator or function you need to calculate the following (the easiest way might be an internet search).

What is 2 to the power 15?

Convert "It was the best of times" to uppercase.

Sort the list [10, 9, 0, 20, 8, 2, 30, 7, 3].

What is 100! ? (That is, what is the factorial of 100?) Hint: the factorial function is in the math library

Exercise 1c Operators#

Relevant Sections: 1.2.5, 1.3.3

Which of the operators +, -, *, and / do something useful with the lists [1, 10, 100] and [5, 4, 7]?

What happens if you apply the operators +, -, *, / to a list and a number?

What about a string and a string?

Exercise 1d Maze Model#

Relevant Sections: 1.5.1, 1.6.1

Work with a partner to design a data structure to represent a maze using dictionaries and lists.

  • Each place in the maze has a name, which is a string.

  • Each place in the maze has one or more people currently standing at it, by name.

  • Each place in the maze has a maximum capacity of people that can fit in it.

  • From each place in the maze, you can go from that place to a few other places, using a direction like ‘up’, ‘north’, or ‘sideways’

Create an example instance, in a notebook, of a simple structure for your maze:

  • The front room can hold 2 people. James is currently there. You can go outside to the garden, or upstairs to the bedroom, or north to the kitchen.

  • From the kitchen, you can go south to the front room. It fits 1 person.

  • From the garden you can go inside to front room. It fits 3 people. Sue is currently there.

  • From the bedroom, you can go downstairs to the front room. You can also jump out of the window to the garden. It fits 2 people.

Make sure that your model:

  • Allows empty rooms

  • Allows you to jump out of the upstairs window, but not to fly back up.

  • Allows rooms which people can’t fit in.

house = [ "Your answer here" ]


house = { "Your answer here" }

Exercise 1e The Maze Population#

Relevant Sections: 1.5.1, 1.6.1, 1.8.1, 1.8.2

Take your maze data structure. Write a program to count the total number of people in the maze, and also determine the total possible occupants.